I Love You, Beth Cooper. Ok, not really, I'm just using you for commercial appeal.


Hey, it's the new flick with Hayden P from "Heroes," and now I'm not going to try and spell her last name. Okay, I will anyway. Panttiere...Pnatteirreey....Pantyterrier...something like that.

This film looks like there is a small chance that it might be good. I'll pretend to be a weather man for a second and say that there is an 85% chance ILY,BC will suck. But this leaves a 15% chance that it won't. Maybe this film will defy the odds and go beyond the forecast of cloudy with a chance of FAIL and AIDS!

So it's about a valedictorian who confesses his love to a girl named Beth Cooper during his speech, and she shows him the night of his life. Maybe...just Maybe.

I hear this film is based on a novel, and I think I might like to read that before I see it. Honestly, from the previews it looks cheap and flat. But like I said 85%. It might defy the odds.

I'm way more excited for BRUNO!!

So in all honesty this isn't the most exciting weekend for movies, but HP 6 comes out on the 15th. Can't wait!!!

Oh and can you believe Hayden is only 5'1? Idk, I always thought she looked taller.


  1. I think she looks short. I can tell. she seems so mini. I don't think the movie's being recieved well but the book sounded good when I saw it at Border's.


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