got nuffin'

got nothing to lose but darkness and shadows.

(I almost saw Spoon last summer at the New American Music Union Festival in Pittsburgh. which would have been so fucking awesome....except my friend cancelled on me. I luckily sold my ticket in the knick of time, but found out later that a bunch of my friends ended up going and getting drunk and I was like "oh you guys! did you at least check out THE DUKE SPIRIT?" and they were all like "LOL WE WERE SO WASTED" I wanted to cry. Speaking of, I take it they're not having another one? that kind of sucks. it was a good deal for what you got- Bob Dylan, Spoon, The Duke Spirit, Gnarls Barkley, The Raconteurs. I guess the next closest thing you have is The Virgin Mobile Free Fest. And they never had another Kuyahoga, either. I dreamt I organized a music festival. had a pretty kickass line-up, No Doubt and Passion Pit. I should do that for a living.)

Christopher Bell (what I heard of him) was good last night. I didn't stay long...there were a lot of "scene" kids and teenagers and both make me equally uncomfortable in the stomach. The venue though was not bad.