concerts & an eclipse

oh boy! eclipse:
what do you think? bad, bad things to happen? :(

here we go:

Fiery Furnaces: August 6th, Brillbox, Pittsburgh (not everybody's cup of tea, Matt and Eleanor, but for all the crazy music they make, they put out some very good stuff)
Girl Talk: July 31st, Chevrolet Ampitheatre, Pittsburgh (he's supposed to be insane live)
Datarock: September 12th, The Grog Shop, Cleveland (moar Norwegians!)
The Cool Kids: August 26th, House of Blues, Cleveland (COOL LIKE THAT)

tomorrow, for me, at least: NEKO CASE


  1. fiery furnaces! no way. also, brillobox. that little hipster bar gem.

    girl talk, DAYYYUM, WOULD SEE.

  2. Girl Talk IS insane live. Make sure you get up on stage!

  3. C-raw, next time he's in Pittsburgh! we should check that shit out.


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