Asian Music Party!!

Today is the day when I have finished my Asian History class for the summer semester. To celebrate I will be drinking generic cola with the calories this more diet sodey water for me today.

And having one last hoorah with some Asian Music.

The Nepali National Anthem:
This is about as Asian as it gets.

Blind Pianist, Nobuyuki Tsuji.
He's playing some western stuff, but he's still really good.

My personal favorites. When I found out about them I showed their videos to everyone I could. They're from Uzbekistan, but ethnically, they're ughyurs from Western China. They're poppy with both middle eastern and Chinese sound in their music. Well they are from Uzbekistan.

QATFYG: What is your Asian celebration music?


  1. My Asian celebration music is the Wonder Girls, Lee Hyori, and Big Bang. And Utada Hikaru. Oh, and Tuvan throat singing. (Which isn't technically Asian, since Tuva is in Russia... but it's close enough.)

  2. Right on, I listen to Tuvan throat singing too. Now, that is a hard acquired taste. The first several times I heard throat singing I thought it was sooo bizarre, but I still wanted to hear more. Now I like it.

    And you're right. It's close enough.


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