sometimes i get up early and even my soul is wet

do you remember The Distillers? I was never really into them. Enjoyed "Drain the Blood" a lot, though.

I just realized, though, Spinnerette is Brody Dalle, lead singer of the Distillers and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme's wife. whoa!

I kept thinking of Spinderella from Salt'n'Pepa for some reason. Anyway, "Ghetto Love":

definitely has a Hole-like sound to it. she sounds a lot like Courtney Love. COURTNEY WHERE ARE YOU?

Liam Lynch directed it, who I best know as director of JESUS IS MAGIC.


  1. i like you girl. and you seem to be a silverman lover, that makes me like you more.

  2. I like you too! I love Sarah Silverman. I want to be her.


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