new contributor????

a new month means new things (sometimes- rabbit rabbit day? whatever the hell that is) and we may have a new blogger on board here. she's classy and tasteful, unlike me and Mr. Bouberhan (sry bud). and I think it'd be nice to have someone kind of elegant as a writer, wouldn't you agree? because, like, me. I'll just post a picture of Carla Bruni and be like LOOOOOOOOK.

I'm in a remarkably good mood for a change, even though it's cold out and I'm about to go to work and going to work always scares me. you know what band is really, really good that I've never given a chance before? Midnight Juggernauts! check it out:

"Dystopia" and "Into the Galaxy" are beautiful and mesmerizing, whoa.

Lastly, "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here" is premiering tonight and Janice Dickinson is all I need to know.

get better, Susan Boyle!

- Brittany


  1. Hahaha. You flatter me so, Brittany.

  2. hey! I emailed you an invite. is your old gmail still cool?

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  4. haha, I just put my new email address in a comment but then I was like, eh, that's probably not such a good idea. Can I send it to you via LJ?


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