I love your kids, but I hate you.

I'll admit it, I've seen every single episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. In the first couple of seasons, those cute little tots would get even the most hardened bachelorette's biological clock ticking. There was something so refreshing about Jon and Kate's show-- it was a reality show that actually took place in real life (albeit fertility-drug-induced real life). Well, alas, those days are over. Hollywood has caught up with the Gosselins and the show has become painful to watch. What's more depressing than seeing a marriage crumble and kids get followed by paparazzi?

This season, Kate has gone from annoying to insufferable. On Monday night's episode, she actually said, "I'm sorry, I'm acting like a fan!" whilst meeting some baker with a TV show of his own. Kate, Kate, Kate. She really shouldn't be looking down her nose at anyone. I mean, she has a Pooh bear tatoo on your ankle. I mean, a Pooh bear tatoo just sounds trashy.


  1. I totally agree with you about the Pooh Bear tattoo. I used to be in a class with this girl that had one and I would just stare at it in awe someone would get something so stupid permanently imprinted on their body. a cartoon character, jebus.

    thanks for posting! I hope you post more as time goes on. :D


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