I'll be frank with you- I haven't been very active this weekend because I alternated between being depressed and then so drunk I blacked out for the first time in my life and today I've just been lazy and hungover and feeling gross and I should RLY go downstairs and work out and etc but I'm stuck uploading songs right now for a crazy reason. oh dear. I worry about myself. I say "oh dear" a lot. I blame the zoo. I cleaned up my language for the kids. well, sorta. so I'm not going to get off the couch for another hour. "The Reader" can wait.

right now I'm in the process of liking everything I can like on my facebook newsfeed. UM, here is something coherent:

- Pelle Carlberg is great
- but Jens will always have my heart, see here:
and that photo! JENS, I love you. you will never return that kind of love, but whatever. he takes the best photos, you know. when I discovered Jens my freshman year, the world felt less lonely.
I wanted to email him and ask him for advice on my current predicament, because I feel like Jens would give sage advice, but I couldn't make it tie into "breaking away." HARUMPH

so I also tried to rob a Sheetz last night. CARA (THANK GOD) and Jon and Norina and a few others made sure I didn't die. which is good. always. I guess! and I thank them. and Bryce as well, for putting up with me stealing his lady to escort me to pee, and anyone that I called. apparently I was popular and well-liked last night by bar patrons? I don't really know. this is all secondhand.

but yes. I'm being stupid at the moment. cannot say much really. just I hope it goes over well. these things never work out for me that well :(

Discovery Channel (Discovery!) had a show on toting the virtues of "Angels and Demons" like it was some Biblical manuscript. CRAP! do not like! do not like!

- I almost met Zachary Quinto at Edinboro last year. HARUMPH

- I have given up trying to friend Annie on facebook. I am friends with Sofia Talvik; 'sis good enough for me.

this week: JOB
if I have to be single, I can be employed.

thanks Night Flights!



  1. hang in there Britt, and my 21st is next week, but urs was probably way more interesting. well, ive blacked out before and done crazy stuff. It's never too fun, but im not ashamed of it. I regret some things, but I'm not ashamed. so now that ur 21 cheers.

  2. thanks Al! I wish you could have come.


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