one of my favorite shows ever is getting the right goodbye, the kind of goodbye such a substantial series deserves:

I'm going to miss the technicolored-goofiness-sincerity-quirkiness of this show. good god. some of my favorite memories of my sophomore year were spent curling up in front of my TV Wednesday nights to this show. this year, not so much. :(
it made me feel like I was a little bit in love with the world. Anna Friel and Lee Pace were probably my favorite couple since Niles and Daphne finally hooked up on Frasier.

anyway, you can catch the last few episodes on ABC:
June 6th and 13th at 10 PM on Sunday nights.

and you can watch episodes at the website:

this sucks. and oh my god I'm blogging on a Saturday night. still in a funk, but eh. what can YOU do.

Olive! you're breaking my heart.

- Brittany


  1. I keep saying "good god" a lot, don't I? I just kind of let it happen...


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