The Phantom of the Opera: Fact or Fiction

I was talking with Brittany about this a few minutes ago, and it’s become my major project/obsession of the night. I’ve been reading all these posts online about people claiming that The Phantom of the Opera is a true story.

And of course we’re talking about the novel by Gaston Leroux that inspired the 1925 silent film and the still running Broadway musical of the same name.

I find that the more I read about this the creepier it gets, and sometimes creepy is a good thing.

For Synopsis of the Phantom story we have Wikipedia.

Here are some great opinions on the subject,

And feel free to add or suggest any sources of your own.
As for me at first thought and glance I would have said that the story is completely fiction, and there is no way it could ever be real. But many fans of the subject have some very good points that raise strong considerations for the other side.

So the QATFYG is : Is Phantom for real?