life as a waltz

What's even more of interest to me is that NOBODY TOLD ME MAURICE JARRE DIED???? wtf. you have to admit- for a falsified quote, it's a pretty good one.

I'm really not familiar with Jarre besides his ties with one of my favorite films, because I always forget its one of my favorite films. Here: It's much better when you experience it in the context of the film. Which is a great film. a must-see. before you die. at least once. put aside half a day and watch it. if you're a big sopping stupid romantic pussy like me (see upcoming "Benjamin Button" fawnfest) you will love it. OH MY GOD THE ENDING.

but srsly. every so often I tamper with the Jamestown Community College page and watch as my updates stay up for several months at a time. some pages, like Leah Remini's, are a little harder to infiltrate.

welcome new follower!

- BRITTANY (when I die I want the lyrics to "Rock Lobster" on my tombstone)



    those lyrics?

  2. Cara I like the fact you comment. it's exciting to me. like we're a legit blog!

    "here comes a bikini whale." <- more like it


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