done are the days when I think American Apparel is just THAT much cooler than poor sods like me. done!

scrunchies? no. I mean. just no.

in other news- I cannot fathom that I saw this kid live in March. rly? apparently he's all the rage among today's teenagers. oh good god, I'd him and I got all these weird shitty bands I've never heard of before. maybe I am OLD? Fall Out Boy and Panic(!) at the Disco in my day. but it's somewhat perturbing. I feel disconnected from today's youth. hmm. I hope their taste in music does improve, but this guy was nice, for the record. just didn't leave much of an impression on me. like Death Cab when I saw them live. Ben Gibbard was sweet.

oh god, Judy Lynch is doing an ad for Barry Grossman right now. excuse me while I go make out with my TV.

- Brittany