do what you love, and f------- the rest

before bed- I am going to asleep now, I am old before my time-

in the light of recent current events, I feel like concentrating on small things of happiness is a good idea. here you go:

1.) this song (ignore the video)

2.) "Train Song (With Ben Gibbard)"- Feist VASHTI BUNYAN COVER

3.) this news


5.) Wow, I just got the February 2009 issue of Paste ... since when did the CDs go digital? and also I love how Feist is on the cover even though she just has a brief write-up. ha, ha. still though: good music sampler!

6.) Stephen Dunn's poetry:

if you believe nothing is always what's left
after a while, as I did,
If you believe you have this collection
of ungiven gifts, as I do (right here
behind the silence and the averted eyes)
If you believe an afternoon can collapse
into strange privacies-
how in your backyard, for example,
the shyness of flowers can be suddenly
overwhelming, and in the distance
the clear goddamn of thunder
personal, like a voice,
If you believe there's no correct response
to death, as I do; that even in grief
(where I've sat making plans)
there are small corners of joy
If your body sometimes is a light switch
in a house of insomniacs
If you can feel yourself straining
to be yourself every waking minute
If, as I am, you are almost smiling . .

- Brittany