if you're in edinboro

listen up:

if you are around Edinboro this weekend please try to check this out-
I feel legitimately bad I was not able to include this in the paper this week. I would LOVE to showcase things like these. And I've had people complain the past I'm not doing my part.
I try to keep myself involved with what's going on in the community, but honestly, I get so bogged down in my own life- sometimes if people don't seek me out I will not get around to covering all A&E shit that goes on in Erie - Edinboro. And I strive to include what I can but there's only so much room. Hopefully, once we get a blog up-and-running on the Spectator site, this won't be a problem anymore, so I can add in day by day. problem is I never login to my account :P BECAUSE I FORGOT MY USERINFO. shhh.
all in all that sounds like a cool show. you'd be a fool! to miss it.
in unrelated news, my whole week sucked. worst week ever. maybe.