As some of you must have noticed the beloved sitcom, SCRUBS, has moved to a new network. Yes the wonderful medical staff of Sacred Heart Hospital has moved from NBC to ABC, but is it the same?
For the most part yes, but one thing that really stands out to me is the character, Elliot Reid, played by Sarah Chalke, seems to have lost a lot of her charm.
Throughout the early years of SCRUBS Chalke really captured the essence of her role and transformed the character of Dr. Reid into an adorably quirky and attractive woman that pleased the audiences to no end. But something is missing about Elliot Reid on this new season. Is it her rekindled romance with co-star J.D.? Is it her interactions with new interns? Or is it that new haircut? It’s hard to say, but all that is certain to me is that something just isn’t right.
Hopefully, in the next few episodes she will regain that charisma that the character of Elliot Reid truly possesses, and what the deuce is up with Zach Braff and that beard? Who sent him an extra large order of shaggy for his birthday? But that is another topic entirely.

QATFYG: Do you notice something different about Sarah Chalke on the new season of SCRUBS? Are you going to miss the show when it’s gone, or are you accepting the fact that it’s time for a good thing to end? And finally, who is your favorite SCRUBS character?

PS: Don’t you love that I wrote SCRUBS in all CAPS?



    isn't Courtney Cox Arquette on there now?

  2. she was a guest star for two episodes. She was the chief, but now Dr. Cox is the chief. HOWEVER, she could always pop up again and surprise us. the world may never know.


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