the best dressed band in music returns

it's been too long since we've heard from these guys. long enough that my rediscovery of them feels exciting. like it did when I heard "Take Me Out" for the first time (and saw the video- crazy, I haven't sat down and watched a video in forever!) so today I bought Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. and now, for some reason, I own all their albums. one of the rare bands to accomplish that feat with me.
You Could Have It So Much Better wasn't terrible, but I felt like the majority of the album just sounded the same. And I wasn't as gung-ho about Franz Ferdinand as everyone else was. They were both good albums that I've listened to a lot, but there comes a point where I think, a few plays in, "enough of this!"
luckily, Tonight sounds good over all (and thank God- I buy albums so rarely now that they must be amazing if I'm to spend money on them). "No You Girls," "Katherine Kiss Me," "Can't Stop Feeling" and "What She Came For" all stick out the most. Some of the tracks, like "Send Him Away," are going to have to grow on me. but overall I'm pleased. it feels fresh and good and slightly different. still Franz Ferdinand, but through a different kind of lens.
I'm sorry I can't upload songs. a better review will come in the future- once I publish mine in the paper I'll post it or something. I think I'm the only person that reads this thing. whatever. thanks for reading, potential anonymous stranger/Alex Kapranos. thank you.

- Brittany